Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flannel creations

Flannel is perfect for winter, or coziness, and these days there are such fantastic flannel fabrics out there, it's hard not to buy some. Usually, I succumb to the flannel-buying urge in winter, and while I didn't buy any this winter, I've been known to buy flannel. A lot. I use it to make comfy pants for people, and have made jackets for kids out of flannel too. This all means, apart from kids wearing flannel clothes, that I have tons of scraps of flannel.
Here is one thing I made from Flannel:
And a close up:

The pattern is ridiculously easy: you take three strips of 2.5 inches each and sew them together into long pieces. Then you cut them at 2.5 inch intervals. This gives you the three little squares sewn together. You then combine those with a rectangle that is 4.5 by 6.5 inches and sew the rectangles onto the three little squares. Then you get to play with the layout.  The little squares are from left over fabric, but the bright purple I bought especially for this project.
I chose a continuous pattern for layout, but I've seen this done with a non-consistent layout and the effect is a lot of fun.
One funny detail about this quilt: when I finished sewing it, I discovered an inconsistency: One of the squares was laid out differently:
See it? Right there in the middle of the top row?
I actually left it that way for a while, but then I decided to rip some stitches and realign the quilt.
This is a baby quilt that I've donated to the local children's hospital.
I have a few more flannely quilts to show, but they'll wait for another post.
Ah. Flannel.

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