Thursday, August 21, 2014

Music and Soccer for the Bar Mitzvah boy

Ok, this one was a challenge. My nephew (well, technically first cousin once removed, but really, that takes too long to say) reached his Bar Mitzvah celebration and I wanted to make him a quilt. As he lives in a different county I have not had the experience (and pleasure) of seeing him on a regular basis and so was struggling to find the theme for this quilt. I knew he likes music, being a talented guitar player, but that was all I knew. So I reached out to his parents to ask what his likes/dislikes are. Here’s the answer: he likes music, and soccer, and bold colors. Well, what can I do with that? I went to the fabric store to get some inspiration and found fabrics fitting both elements.

But I could not figure out how to put them together. I mulled and mulled and finally decided to separate them into two designs. This way, I reasoned, he can have the music side visible sometimes, and the soccer side visible at other times.
I got some more fabric, in bold colors, including some from my stash and here’s the result
Music side:

You cannot tell by this picture, but the white fabric is actually patterned like sheet music.
Soccer side

I shipped it to him and about a month later got a VERY excited phone call from him saying how much he loves it.

And if, as teenagers are wont to do, he gets the quilt all crumpled up so that parts of both sides are visible at once, he can name the quilt “game song”.

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