Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hanging Skull

Or, well Skully wall hanging.
Those who know AJ know he likes skulls. So when it's time for gifts for him, skulls are the easy way to go. I've made him several things with skulls, and the quilt he designed with me (and about which I posted here: has skulls. So when I was thinking about a Birthday gift for him this year, I decided to make a skull wall hanging for his study. I started looking around the web, and found this:
which is a tutorial for a skull quilt based on another skull quilt.
Now I don't usually go for tutorials, but this one was easy to follow, and the resulting quilt, I knew, would be just right for AJ.
Here's the result:

I went into my stash, looking for different white/off white/cream fabrics. I don't have a lot of those, but I was able to find enough, and with enough variety, to make a mottled skull. For the details I used various black fabrics, and the eyes, green Batik.
Detail pictures:
An eye:
The mouth

Thanks to my trusty rotary cutter the squares were super easy to cut, and my new sewing machine (oh yeah!) worked wonderfully!
I gave it to AJ for his birthday. He loved it.
As I said, he likes things with skulls.

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