Thursday, January 27, 2011

Conflicting Goals-deleted

This post contained content from a poster in a online quilting community of which I am a member.

The poster, whose user ID is "virginiadear" took offense at my using her/his content and requested I delete the entry and issue an apology instead. In a private message to me "virginiadear" explained that she/he took offense because I had "taken and used [her/his] writing without [her/his] consent, for removing [her/his] name from it, and for having edited it, changing its nature and purpose, without [her/his] agreement to such action."

While the intentions with posting "virginiadear"'s content may be debated, I certainly did not intend to cause offense, I have deleted this post. I have apologized to "virginiadear" privately, and am apologizing here for causing offense.

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