Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My First Reversible Quilt

My first reversible quilt, and one I’d forgotten was reversible, was a joint project for my niece.
When she was born the two eldest girls in the family were old enough to participate in sewing, and young enough to need my help. And so we made a quilt together; I would make one side and they would make the other. We went to the fabric store together and talked about color and design. I showed them a simple pattern that I thought would work well for them, the Fence Rail pattern. The girls liked that pattern; it’s colorful and easy, which was just right for them at the age of 9. The girls picked out the colors they wanted, and together we set to cutting, and sewing this:

The reverse side was mine. I wanted something simple so as not to overwhelm the baby’s eyes, and to be lighter in color, to offset the richness of the side the girls had made. I chose this:

It is an alternating 4 patch, which is super-easy to make-and the colors are sort of primary, but a bit lighter than usual.
A close up:

We gave the quilt to my niece (well, to her mother) and I neglected to take a picture. A few weeks ago my sister-in-law found it and gave it back so I could photograph it and post about it here.
My first reversible quilt.

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