Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love Halloween.
I do. I love it. I love the silliness, and the spookiness (and candy, of course, candy). I love dressing up for it and the kids getting dressed for it. When they were little I made their costumes, though at some point that stopped being cool for them. I still think it’s cool. I dress up at work, more than my students do, in fact. 
I also like it because it’s the time of year when many stores suddenly carry items I like. I like them all year but they are often hard to find in other seasons. Things that have to do with ghosts and cemeteries, and skulls which my husband likes a lot. And stripey tights. Let’s not forget those.
At this time of year the fabric stores carry all sorts of Halloweenish material, and when I was last at the store, I saw cute fabrics and, getting caught up in the Halloween mood, I bought some:
Seriously, how could I resist those sparkly bats? And that crazy looking vulture??
So I got the fabric and then I set about making some wall hangings. I made this one for us:
And the flip side? My “Quilting Bees” fabric so I can hang it up in my sewing room when it’s not in Halloween mode.
Then I also made this:

And this one has masks on the reverse. I have posted it on Etsy and maybe somebody else will get as much joy out of it as I do.
The small piece is basically a four-patch while the larger one is a nine-patch (the only difference is the pieces are rectangles as opposed to the traditional squares). I have used sashing in both to bring out the main fabrics, especially the cemetery one. And the whole thing is bordered with a purple patterned fabric. These pieces are super-simple in design so as to emphasize the fabrics. I made loops out of ribbon so they can be hung on dowels or with tacks or pins.
These were quick and gratifying, and a lot of fun.

Now back to my regularly scheduled challenging quilts…

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