Saturday, September 17, 2011

In the name of Research!

A quilter and librarian posted the following on an online community of which I am a member (on LiveJournal). She's doing research on quilt-related bloggers and their readers.
Dear (few, select) readers, if you have a moment or 5, please help the lady out. Thanks!

If her link doesn't work here, try this:

Begin her request:

Help a librarian and quilter! You could win Storyboek fabric from Birch Fabrics.
Take the quilt survey and you could win!

Dear Quilters,

I am a quilter and librarian at the University of South Alabama. I am working on a research project involving the information-seeking and community participation habits of quilt bloggers and their audience. In plain English, that means I am administering a survey designed for quilt bloggers and their readers with questions regarding things such as where they look when they are looking for information about quilting, whether they participate in in-person communities such as guilds, etc. The survey will run from 9/15/11 to 10/15/11.

I am studying this because I love quilting and I love learning about information-seeking habits. Since research and publication are required for tenure at my university, I am also hoping to be able to publish an academic article based on the survey. I also think that quilt guilds, bloggers, and librarians would benefit from this research.

It would really help me out if as many quilters as possible took the survey. To sweeten the pot, one lucky survey participant will win fat quarters of Birch's Storyboek fabric. The winner will be selected randomly from survey participants.

The confidential survey has 26 questions and should take at most 30 minutes. This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of South Alabama.

Take the quilt survey and you could win!


Ellen K. Wilson
Instructional Services Librarian
University Library, University of South Alabama
ewilson (at)

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