Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finished projects

After a long time of not quilting, I’ve recently gone back to it,  and while I was also working on some challenging creations, I also took the time to finish projects I’d started before the hiatus. One of them is this:

This is a quilt from a Quilts for Kids packet. It is my….fifth one for this organization which distributes quilts to kids in hospitals. Every time I finish one, I request another packet. I enjoy it, and enjoy the freedom of working with colors/patterns that are out of the norm for me.
Close up:

Quilts for Kids sends me pre-cut fabric, and the pattern. I provide batting, and the sewing, and send it back to them. Then they distribute it to different hospitals to comfort children. It's a worthy cause and one to which I enjoy contributing. It is, as my kid would say, a win-win.

The second project I finished is this (excuse the corner cut off by the picture):

This was inspired by the parasol fabric, and I enjoyed making it, and using those rich colored fabrics, very much. The little diamonds of red and blue remind me of lanterns…
Close up:

Next up, a post about some of the newer projects, as soon as they get gifted to their respective recipients.

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