Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Violet the Spy

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted here? Yes, I guess it has. Life's been kind of crazy...
But I have been sewing (helps keep down the crazy, for me), and last week I finished another project. Actually, I decided NOT to post about it, as the recipient's mom reads this, and I didn't want her to find out until I presented the quilt to her daughter.

Our friend Violet turned one this week.  At one kids don't lie on the quilt so much as carry it around, wrap themselves in it, use it on dolls/stuffed animals/mamma, etc. So I make toddler quilts a bit bigger than I do baby quilts. This way the kid can do more with them, and, hopefully, keep using the quilt as they get older (for forts and such). Another thing that is different is that toddler can discern pattern and color more easily and so the quilt can be with more complex fabric designs, in my opinion.

With all that in mind, and more, I made this-Violet the Spy:

And a close up:
This is an "I spy" quilt, which means that each square is a different fabric, and this one has no repeats. In this way the quilt can also be used to teach the kid, by having her/him identify different elements, colors, etc. So the quilt is colorful and useful for fun, AND educational. A fun bit about this particular one is that it was made with fabric from a fabric swap as well as from my stash, and when I got the swap fabric I was planning a different quilt, but the fabric worked so well here, I was glad to use it. One of the ladies I swapped with is also a friend of Violet's mom, which is also fun.

The backing fabric, I thought, should be more calm than the front, for quieter times. I also wanted it to be purple. Here's the fabric I chose:
As it turns out, this was quite fitting, I thought, as Violet's party included butterflies in its theme.
I haven't talked to Violet about it since I gave it to her, but I know her mom likes it, and that makes me happy.


  1. And Violet LOVES her new quilt almost as much as mommy!!!! Today she was dragging it around and we looked for the frogs and the fish and the kitties! I have to admit that I was secretly hoping for a Tamar original quilt for Violet's birthday. (hell, I would have been thrilled with a hand towel if you had made it!) This is so pretty it made me cry and baby loves it too. Best first birthday present EVER!

  2. Greetings Tamar, Your quilting is spectacular. Violet and I checked out several of the blocks and discussed their patterns and colors on Monday while she was laying in my lap. The varied blocks and the outline framing fabric look great together, as does the reverse fabric. You are right about the butterflies - perfect for Violet's birthday theme. What a treasure, from a talented lady. So nice to meet you on Sunday.

  3. Thanks, Kevi! Your post made me so happy! See you soon!

    And thanks, Marta! I'm glad you and Violet were having fun with the quilt, and each other. It was a pleasure meeting you too.