Sunday, May 8, 2011

Warm Wishes for Charlotte

Different patterns offer different pleasures. With some, it's about dinky little pieces coming together; others are about "you made THIs out of THAT!"; still others are about color combinations, or the recipient, or trying a new technique, or gratification.
And some offer joys of versatility. In a previous post I mentioned the attic windows pattern which works well with many different fabrics and which comes out quite different each time ( I've also posted about the three different pieces I made out of the monster fabric I fell in love with ( And now I am on a "Warm Wishes" kick.
This pattern is simple, with squares and strips and all straight lines. The beauty of it lies in the color combination and the layout. The first one I did with this pattern was this, to warm a friend's new house: 
Then I decided to use this pattern again, to make a baby quilt for two friends who live far away. I decided to use a totally different color combination, and to avoid traditional "baby" prints (mostly because I don't have much of those in my fabric stash and I'm still attempting to not buy new fabric). I chose blue, green, purple, and monsters.
And here's the result:
And a close up? Sure!

And the reverse? Here it is:

I was gifted this awesome fabric by my sister in law a few years ago and it's been waiting for just the right project. Charlotte's parents like animals and so this was the perfect backing fabric.
The quilt is going in the post tomorrow (I hope) and Charlotte should have it by the end of the week, with the rest of our warm wishes.

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  1. Love this latest one (as well as the others) -- so amazing!