Monday, May 30, 2011


I do love me some stripes. I have stripey socks, stripey tights, I even have stripes in my hair. So naturally stripey quilts are some of my favorite. Stripes are easy, because it's all straight stitching; they are versatile because you can use different colors, widths, etc, and organize them in many different ways. You can, for example, sew a few strips together, then cut them up and resew them into a different configuration. I've posted various stripey quilts here before, but this post is about something new, the Roman Stripes pattern.
This pattern puts together two triangles, one made of a single fabric and the other made of stripes.
Sewing stripes is fun, but can get wonky if you are not super meticulous, which I am not. So to avoid wonkiness here, I "built" the stripey triangles. This means I cut a triangle of fabric and then sewed the stripes onto it, building the stripey triangle onto the fabric. Then I sewed the stripey triangle and just solid fabric triangle together.
Like so:
I made a bunch of these squares and then set about figuring out how to lay them out. Part of the beauty of this pattern is that you can do so many things with the layout. I decided to go with concentric squares, a very traditional layout, but put them off-center, which makes it less traditional.  Here it is:
The wide purple border is the same as one of the stripes, lending cohesion to the piece. Some people think the design of this fabric is spiderwebs and some think it's china. I think it's pretty.
For the reverse I chose a different color scheme, so the quilt could be double sided and work for different moods. The back is this:

The whole thing is bound by dark blue binding.
This is a lap quilt and is a birthday present to a friend.
The stripes were much fun to work with, and there were so many layout possibilities I know I will have to make some more Roman Stripes.
Also, I want to research the name of the pattern...

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