Friday, June 17, 2011

More Place mats

Place mats are fun. They're small, so a good project for quick gratification and also a good way to experiment and try new patterns, or color combinations cause, hey, it's a small project! If I mess up, or not like the way it turns out, I feel I hadn't invested that much time and material in it.
With all that said, yes, I have been experimenting with place mats.
This set was designed by AJ (who says he can't design and always gives me great ideas), and which I wanted to try as I'd never done this kind of thing before: Pieces appliqued onto other appliqued pieces.
Here they are:
One on its own:
And the whole batch:

The quilting is of concentric outlines of the overlapping circles. I figured with no piecing really, I could get away with less quilting. And it shows up as a neat design on the back.
The backing is of cherries, because I always associate cherries with kitchen stuff and because I had a length of it in my stash:


Hmm...can't really see the cherries. Here they are: 


I enjoyed the applique (and learned that it eats up a LOT of thread!), and working with colors I would not usually pick.
But hey, it's a small project!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I may need to commission you for some x-mess presents this year.