Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monsters, Take 3

A while back I posted about a Monster quilt I made for my daughter, which was a variation on another quilt I'd made with the same fabric. I talk about it here:

At the end of that post I mentioned the next variation on the Monster fabric, a quilt for my husband. So, the challenge was making 3 quilts for 3 radically different recipients, from the same base fabric. For my husband I decided to go with a darker color combination. He is a huge fan of black, but I didn't want black for this one. I didn't think it'd look good with the colorful monsters. Besides, everything else I've made for him has lots of black (except for the skull. But that one is, you know, skully).

Back when I was still buying fabric, I bought a dark blue fabric with little golden stars, kind of a night-sky fabric. I decided to put the monsters on this as background. But I'd already done panels on a background; it was time for something else. I cut out all the panels, leaving only the two innermost borders on them and laid them on top of various fabrics I had to see what would strike my fancy. But nothing was fitting right. Finally, I decided to just sew them into the blue, wonky style.
I cut strips of the blue and sewed them on all 4 sides of each panel. Then I turned the block off to one side a bit, and cut a square out of it that way. Like so:
Then I sewed all the blocks together. Like so:

This layout, it seems to me, makes the monsters seem like they are traveling through space.
And speaking of space, for the reverse side I used one of AJ's favorite fabrics, a spacey fabric to go along with the monsters-in-space theme. Here it is:
And a close up:

This quilt is twin size, and AJ's using it in his study.
So there it is, the Monsters trio is finished!

On to the next project.

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  1. Got any monsters left for one of my pillows?