Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Comfy Quilt for Robin

My sister in law Robin is one busy lady. She's got a family (husband and two teenage kids), a cat, a dog, and is holding down three part time jobs. Busy.
A few months ago, while at  my in-laws, Robin was not feeling well and snuggled on the couch in the daisy quilt of the last post. She liked it so much I decided to make her a comfy quilt of her own, in the hopes that she will actually have some time to use it, and not just when she is sick.
Since this is a new sister in law, I did not know her likes and dislikes as far as colors and patterns go. Facebook to the rescue. I contacted my niece and asked her about her mom's favorite colors. Turns out, the hands-down favorite is red (and no red robin jokes, please, she said). I went to the store and bought some fat quarters in different reds. I also bought some super comfy shaggy kind of fabric (I don't know what it's called...) to put around the borders for extra snuggle-ness.
The quilt:

And a detail:

The design is one of my favorites, the disappearing nine-patch. I love the randomness of the finished look. I then bordered the piece with black swirly fabric and added a broad border of the super-snuggly red fabric. Red satin blanket binding finished it off.  The back is made of flannel for added coziness.
I presented it to Robin at Christmas and she was feeling the edges over and over as she repeatedly stated that it is just HER size. She was NOT planning to share it.

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