Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let there be Daisies

A couple of years ago I found a colorful, striking fabric of daisies on a black background. I continued scrounging around the fabric store (which I do all too frequently...) and found a  complimenting fabric: smaller daisies on a black background! I immediately snatched both up. When I got home I washed them, folded them neatly, and put them on the fabric shelves I have in my sewing room, er, studio. And there they sat for a while, folded with other fabrics that had grabbed my attention when I saw them.

One weekend a few months later I found myself bored. This doesn't happen often, and when it does, it doesn't last long as I always have projects in various stages of completion lying around the house. But that weekend, none of the existing projects excited me. So I went to the shelves of fabric, and started looking at them and touching them (Fabric selection has always been a very tactile thing for me; I am not sure why). I saw the Daisies and the project jumped into my brain, fully formed. I cut the big daisies into panels, used a burgundy fabric to sash the squares, with white (with black polka dotes) cornerstones, and bordered the whole thing with the smaller daisies, using the red as corner stones this time. Like so:

Detail? Here it is:

Using squares and all straight lines made this project quick and easy, just what I needed that weekend. It was gratifying, contained, and I liked the vibrancy of the colors.

I listed it on Etsy, but when AJ saw it he declared his mom would love it. So he bought it off Etsy and gave it to his mom for Christmas. She liked it so much she refused to use it for a while, preferring to drape it over her couch and look at it. I think it is being used now though...I'll have to check

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