Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfy Quilts

Some quilts are for babies to lie on, some are for beds of all sizes. Some are for hanging on walls, and others are for lounging. The lounging quilts I call Comfy Quilts.
When my sister-in-law was pregnant with her second child, I knew I'd make a baby quilt (about which I'll post in another post), and when Jo said she was having kind of a rough pregnancy, I decided to make her a comfy quilt. I hoped she would use the quilt for whatever she needed, whether on the couch, around her shoulders, on her legs, whatever.
Jo is a person of nature. She hikes, climbs, camps. She is studying the areas where water meets land and so I decided to make her a quilt that encompasses both green and blue, and one that has motion, as she does. I wanted this quilt to be soothing rather than lively, and that helped decide on the colors, graduating shades of blue and green, and the pattern, which was not symmetrical but not too random.
Here it is:

And a detail:

The squares are made of smaller squares made of triangles made of strips. First I made regular squares of strips of different shades and widths. Then I cut them into triangles. Then I mixed up the triangles and combined them into different squares.

The border is of a blue fabric with the streets of Paris on it. I use this fabric in everything I make for Jo, or her kids. It is from a dress her grandmother made for her mother when she (Jo's mother) was a teenager. I first got this for Jo and my brother's wedding Chuppah about which you can read here: Chuppah for Yair and Joanna. It was given to me by Joanna's mother. I used it in the Chuppah and had some left over. I've been incorporating bits of it into things for their family ever since.

When I gave it to Joanna she thought that was for the baby. I had fun giving her another one a few months later when the baby was born!

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