Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pink things

I'm not much of one for pink things. I have never been a pink kind of girl. I've also not dressed my girls in pinkish things, except for when my youngest went through a long, and dedicated pink phase. I do have a few, very few, pink accessories, which show up nicely on the mostly-black clothes I wear.
This non-pinkishness goes for quilts as well. When I make a baby quilt, I tend to stay away from color coded gender specific fabrics and patterns. Sometimes I make things more girlish, or boyish, if I know the parents are really into that sort of thing, but not often.

So when I found a fashion printed fabric in two shades of pink (with sparkles, and printed dress forms no less!), I surprised myself by buying it. I didn't even have a project in mind for it, I just bought it. I bought a yard of each shade, washed and folded it, and put in with my fabrics. This was a couple of years ago.

I had not done anything with it because, well, it didn't fit in with anything else I was doing. And then, suddenly, late last fall, I knew what I was going to do with this pink pink fabric. It was one of those moments when projects suddenly come to life, and the fabric, patterns, etc. make sense together. I started making it immediately. The project went quickly, as this type of project will. I picked an easy straightforward pattern, since the fabric was so...powerful, and the ease of square pieces helped the pace. But more than that, it was the nature of the project.
Here's what I made:
And a close up:

The black swirly fabric, and the white polka dot fabric, came from my stash, and were left over from different projects. They just seemed to go together.
I also used the polka dot quilt on the backing, to add cohesion between front and back, using it as a border around a red print:
The project took a while to finish, however. I was working on it when my father's health took a dive, and I put it aside while I made him This quilt.
But last week I finished the pink quilt, and was pleased with it. It is a bit over a yard squared, and would be perfect for somebody's little princess of a baby girl. I don't know anybody having one of those any time soon, but I'm sure I'll find a home for it sooner or later.

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