Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am currently on a pinwheel spree. I'm just about to finish two crib-size pinwheel quilts, which I am making just for fun (and quick gratification while working on two bigger, more complex quilts). I'd forgotten how much fun they are! So I decided to post about the last pinwheel quilt I made, more than a year ago now, for my nephew as he was transitioning to a twin size bed.
His parents, my brother and sister-in-law, asked me if I'd be willing to make a quilt for his bed.
Me? A quilt? They barely had to finish asking before I was already planning it.

This family likes the outdoors. They like to hike, bike, climb, peddle, and many other things. So I knew right away the quilt would need to have an outdoorsy feel. The family is also not one for traditional gender codes, so I knew I would not make a "boy" quilt.
I decided on pinwheels. Double Pinwheels. Scrappy pinwheels.
Pinwheels, to me, suggest childhood, and being outdoors. They connect to running around, and to motion. My nephew also happens to be an extremely observant kid so I wanted lots of different details for him to be able to look at. Hence the scrappiness of the quilt design.
I present Leor's bed quilt (though it's spread on my bed for the picture):

And a close up:
The inner part of each pinwheel is the same but the outer part is different. And the background is a green wavy grass fabric I was happy to find. The whole thing makes me think of playing in the park.

The back side of the quilt is totally different. It is neither scrappy nor made of little pieces. I wanted the reverse to have a different feel, and to excite Leor's imagination in a different way. I was stuck on this and, for a while, did not know what to do. Inspiration came from Leor himself, who was explaining an elaborate game to me one day, a game in which he was an astronaut.
Here's the reverse side:
It is four panels of space fabric, bordered by a fabulous mariner's chart fabric I found, and sashed with a black fabric with little bitty white stars on it.
A detail:


So one side is daytime, while the other one's for night, and the first is terrestrial while the other is celestial.
Both are on Leor's bed, which makes me happy.


  1. I Just absolutely LOVE your quilts. Can't get enough of looking at them!