Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving Something Back

For a while now I've been looking for ways to give something back, in my community. I have been looking for ways to use my skills/talents/time to help others. It took a while to figure out WHO I wanted to help; there are so many people who could use the help, and deserve it. There are so many causes and organizations. One of the ways I decided to help is by donating kids' quilts. The first thing I did, months ago, was make two quilts for Quilts For Kids: That was great. I made two quilts for them.
Since then I've been trying to find a local organization that I could work with.
Two weeks ago I called Children's Hospital Oakland to see if they take quilts. They do. The hospital is a ten minute drive from my house, which makes it convenient for me. And they were so grateful. In fact, the lady there told me, they are having their annual fundraiser in mid-November, and would I mind if they raffled off some of my quilts at the fundraiser, the proceeds of which go to the trauma rehab ward. I said yes. Gladly, yes.
Today I drove to the hospital, met with the nice lady and handed over several quilts. Some have been with me for a while, and all of them are for kids, the largest being a twin sized quilt.
And here they are!

Box of BonBons:

Kimonos Galore:

Monkeys in the Middle:

Purple Ladder:

Summertime Rag Quilt

I also gave the lady two sets of decorative pillows I'd made for earlier incarnations of my living room (I forgot to take pictures of them before I gave them away).
The nice lady will send me their blanket specifications so I can donate some quilts to be used in the hospital itself. This will be an ongoing thing for me.
I am pleased.

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