Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Equal Opportunity Quilting

So one day my cousin emails me and says, no fair. She says I am a discriminatory quilter. It seems, she pointed out, I only made quilts for people who got married or had children. Is that, she asked, what one has to do in order to get a quilt from me? Though not absolutely true (there was the bedspread for my parents), the lady had a point.

Having this gross discrimination pointed out to me, I immediately started planning an equal opportunity quilt. I wanted something colorful, but not too crazy (more about my crazy colorful period in a different post). I wanted it big enough to fit her bed, though I didn't know if she'd use it for that. I also knew I wanted to use fabric from my stash (yes, I know, that seems to be a pattern. You'd think, with all this using up the stash stuff, my stash would dwindle, but no. It doesn't. Very odd). I looked around, in my books and such and decided on a pattern some call stepping stones, though I've also heard it called, squares or boxed squares. I cut some squares and some strips of various fabrics (thankful  for rotary cutters) and started constructing the stepping stones. I wasn't sure how I'd put the whole thing together but eventually decided to alternate. I thought this would give the quilt more cohesion as a pattern.

 Detail? Sure:


It was fun for me to see how the different fabrics go together when put next to the blue (which has tiny details in white that you cannot see in this picture).

I put it in the mail and sent it off to my cousin. She texted me a picture of it as soon as it was on her bed. That made me happy

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