Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wall Hanging Bargello

A while ago my mother asked me to make a wall hanging for her dining room. She wanted something that would go with the colors of her dining room, burgundy and cream. She also asked that whatever I make not have sharp angles as the dining furniture have curvy lines.  I started thinking about different patterns, but could not find one I liked. I let the project lie dormant for a while as I worked on several other projects. Then, it was time, I decided. I took out all the books I have, looking for inspiration in the form of curvy lines. 
Now lately I've been on a "scrappy" kick, one that means I use scraps as often as I can. However, I couldn't do a scrappy here as I wanted the burgundy colors. Finally I found a pattern in a book of Bargello patterns. I'd bought the book years ago, after doing the Blue Cathedral, which is also a Bargello design. However, in the 9 or so years since I bought the book, I've not made a SINGLE Bargello quilt. This would now change. I found a pattern that involved dinky little pieces, in right angles, that when sewn together just so, make a curvy line to form an elliptical design.

Blurry picture:

And a detail:

I put loops on the back so it can be hung without breaking up the pattern in any way.

This quilt proved to be my most challenging yet.

First there were a gazillion points to match. Secondthe whole thing kept wanting to veer off center. I had to rip out more seams in this one project than I've had in all my previous ones, I think. Another frustration was the really rigid pattern. Now I know, Bargello's like that. Still.

AJ has learned long ago to give up on the "no one notices but you, hon. Really" so he just heard me vent, and picked the billion little bits of thread off of the couch/chair/jackets.

A few nights ago I gave it to my mother, who likes it, so she can hang it in her dining room.

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